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Netværk til virksomheder


Here you'll get an insight into the amazing companies, organizations and initiatives participating as exhibitors at the Entrepreneurship Festival. Explore the exciting opportunities for networking, collaboration and inspiration that our exhibitors bring with them

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Business Network Rotary Aarhus Breakfast Club

Aarhus Business Breakfast Rotary Club is a dynamic network of business members from various industries, including entrepreneurs and business leaders. They share Rotary's purpose: "Doing Good In The World," which they translate into local and global initiatives.

Their club meetings, which take place every second Tuesday, are a unique opportunity for informal breakfasts and professional presentations from external speakers or club members. Personal networking is an essential aspect of their club life, where they see the value in bringing together people from different cultural backgrounds in Gellerup.

Garn og Metervarer

Garn & Metervarer sells yarn and quality yard goods for private and business customers. Garn & Metervarer was established in 2015 and has since then supplied thousands of satisfied customers in Scandinavia. Their fabrics are carefully selected from manufacturer to manufacturer. For them, it's all about being able to deliver fabrics with a focus on sustainability and quality.

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Streetfood Gellerup

Authentic street food in Gellerup. Established by local entrepreneurs with a passion for food.


At Gellerup Street Food, local chefs prepare authentic dishes from different corners of the world every day - of course with both quality and passion for the food. You can taste food from Afghan, Somali and Arabic cuisines - and of course, food classics such as pita, burgers and sweet desserts.


Translations4u was established in 2010 by the owner, Karl Chr. Mortensen, who has more than 15 years of experience from various translation agencies. Translations4u primarily translates for other agencies that receive texts from mainly German companies that need translations of operating instructions and manuals for machinery, among other things. One of Translations4u's core competencies is technical texts within the automotive industry and tools.

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Jobcenter Aarhus

Would you like an intern or are curious about how to hire a person in wage subsidy? Two consultants from Jobcenter Aarhus are ready to help you and your company.

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Since 2011, TalentMatch has been matching unemployed people with higher education with their network of companies in East Jutland. They are also experts in entrepreneurship, helping unemployed people make their entrepreneurial dreams come true.


Workspace is an office hotel concept designed for the modern business owner who needs a good framework with many facilities and a good, vibrant working environment. It offers greater flexibility, less capital tied up and better economics compared to renting a traditional office space. The spacious and inviting common areas are shared with other startups and small businesses, so you'll have people around you and the opportunity to work in peace.

Your business will have a bright and attractive setting in central Aarhus V, where it's easy to get to and from - both for you and your guests. We make sure that you don't have to spend a lot of time and energy on everything that simply needs to be in order: Reception, canteen, internet, office machines, meeting rooms and everything else that goes with a good and efficient working day.

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Kollektivbyen is an office community of approx. 60 small businesses across industries and professions. Together they share knowledge, facilities and lunch breaks with views of Aarhus Bay, Brabrand Lake and Karen Blixens Boulevard. It's all brought together in brilliant architecture with space for peaceful work, sparring and community.

Den Gode By

Den Gode By is a shared office space and network for entrepreneurs, start-ups, established companies, unemployed people and students. At Den Gode By, you can rent cheap flexible office spaces, fixed spaces or a closed office depending on your needs.


Square One

Square One is an entrepreneurial community in Gellerup/Aarhus V/Brabrand where entrepreneurs can test, develop and grow their idea or start-up. In the center of the new Gellerup, we rent out office and workshop spaces that serve as a creative epicenter for people with a drive to work and companies with growth potential.

Cilo Gram Comunication

It can sometimes be difficult to navigate the jungle of options, do's and don'ts when it comes to making yourself and your company visible to your target audience. With a focus on digital media, especially LinkedIn, Cilo Gram specializes in helping with this. Both in the form of advice and start-up help and in the form of concrete planning, production and publishing of content on digital media. In other words, they help companies, the self-employed and entrepreneurs to become visible with the right messages for the right target group.

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360MOODZ is a small business that makes handmade polymer clay jewelry, earrings necklaces etc. for all ages and tastes

Die Mutti

In Germany we speak German, but do you?


DieMutti translates large and small texts to and from German, staying personal and taking an interest in what's important to you, your customer or business partner. I can explore specific areas, be present and help you with analysis, business and design processes from start to finish. I work with dialogue-based communication and focus on digitalization, citizen involvement, welfare and innovation

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The Digital Man makes people take action:

SEO | LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram | Google Ads | Google Analytics | Tag Manager | AI | Copywriting | Digitalization | Data | Looker Studio | Databox | Branding | Hubspot | Lead Generation | Teaching | Execution | Consulting


Active learning with Hopspots

Hopspots is an interactive learning tool designed to make active learning easy. Hopspots challenges in movement, cognitive training, language learning, collaboration, Danish skills and much more. With Hopspots, it is possible for children to become digital co-creators of learning content when they produce games in the app.

HoH logo_ uden baggrund.png

House of Herbs

House of Herbs is a company that focuses on Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and has therefore created a natural product that is not only good for you, but also for the environment.  In addition, we have our own biodiversity project called the Bøllebi initiative.

One of the first things we've done is to create aroma beeswax candles made from 100% pure and organic essential oils and beeswax from a German company that can guarantee a clean and pesticide-free product. Not only that, we've made it possible for you to buy a refill for your glass, so you save money and get the same great experience all over again, all while saving the earth's resources.

Weco Play

Weco Play is a collection of learning games and activities for large interactive screens. Our users are typically schools, daycare centers, nursing homes and libraries.
We sell in Denmark and around the world and are available in 24 languages.

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Unity Production

We at Unity Production are pleased to present our production company that offers a wide range of services in video, photography, live streaming, audio production, music recording, website design, graphic design and audio rental and more....

Brugbar Grafik 

Useful Graphics makes your message shine through - working with visual communication in different ways.



Drawn narratives



Graphic design

Drawing lessons etc.


Online shop with posters and art prints:

Edible Wild Plants: Beautiful and educational posters and art prints.

Singing posters: with well-known children's songs, fully illustrated to make you want to sing, explore and talk about everything you see.

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Bogholderen, as the name suggests, deals primarily with bookkeeping. With a professional background as an accountant, owner Inger Roesgaard has, since the company was established in 1994, helped smaller companies get a handle on the daily bookkeeping, VAT rules, etc. in close collaboration with customers, accountants and banks.

Akademikernes A-kasse Startup Growth

Akademikernes A-kasse runs Denmark's largest entrepreneurship program, Startup Growth. Here we help around 350 entrepreneurial companies a year to develop their concepts into sustainable businesses. What makes Startup Growth special is that we accept all types of entrepreneurs. Those who want to grow, but also those who don't necessarily want employees and growth, but want to make a living from their idea. We also help everyday entrepreneurs turn their business ideas into viable businesses. We want to help democratize entrepreneurship - make it less complicated and more accessible.

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Monto is a rental platform driven by a green mission. We believe that sustainable consumption and resource sharing is the way forward for a more sustainable future... and so do our 10,000 users. Monto makes it easy for people to rent and lease everything from party equipment to outdoor gear and power tools. By renting instead of buying, we can reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. 

Brabrand Erhvervsforening

Brabrand Business Association is a dynamic association that works actively to create a favorable business climate in Brabrand and Aarhus West. As a member, you get the opportunity to influence local business policy decisions, but also to engage in a stimulating collaboration with other companies, the municipality and relevant stakeholders. Our focus is on collective growth and innovation, and we believe that success is best achieved through a strong network. This is highlighted in our well-planned events, where networking is always an integral part. Join our community and strengthen your company's network.

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D'BRIS is about standing up for the planet and rethinking the way we make and consume products. Our target audience is millennials and Gen Z within the surf and skate scene. Our goal is to establish ourselves as the go-to-brand among eco-conscious people within the target group, by leading the way promoting and inspiring change that benefits the environment. Our shoes are always made with as little raw materials as possible, using repurposed or recycled materials while not compromising on comfort nor durability.

The Friendship Project

The Friendship Project helps people develop better, stronger and more present friendships. Here you'll find products and experience boxes designed specifically to develop and strengthen friendships.

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Cowork17 is an inclusive coworking space in the Werkstätten Materialhof - a place where people with mental illness can work.

Cowork17 offers people a workspace for rent and takes care of everything that comes with it. Their community, which is very important to them, consists of people with and without mental illness.

They speak English and their presentation at Speakers Corner is in English

Kiel-Marketing e. V.

Kiel-Marketing is the marketing organisation of Kiel, the capital of the federal state Schleswig-Holstein, and is organised within the areas of tourism, city management and Sailing & Business. As a multiplier of the brand Kiel.Sailing.City, Kiel-Marketing develops measures to make the city attractive and liveable for all citizens and visitors and acts as an interface between science, business, culture, politics and administration.

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Movement for Sexuality

For more than 20 years, Livsværkstederne i Gellerup has run social and employment-oriented services for people in socially vulnerable life situations.

Today, they are firmly rooted in the local area and have a broad collaboration with the area's many stakeholders.

Their activities range from their social cafe, Café Vita, which offers a good and inexpensive meal every day at their premises in City Vest, to financial counseling, trips out of the house, employment services and much more.

As a startup incubator, starterkitchen is not only a startup hub, but also offers a wide range of startup courses, workshops, events, mentoring programs and a diverse community. Our community includes founders, mentors and supporters from all over Schleswig-Holstein and allows an exchange beyond individual cities and coworking spaces. The starterkitchen is one of many initiatives of the non-profit association is committed to shaping an innovative and sustainable future with a broad range of free educational offerings in a total of 10 initiatives.

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Movement for Sexuality

Join a workshop with psychomotor therapist Christine Wiklund - who will create space to let go of thoughts for a while and land in the body. 


Christine works with body, pleasure & sexuality, for everyone! She strives to be holistic in her approach to people. The foundation of her workshops is built on the individual participant in the group and their inner experiences and she works empathetically, attentively and resource-oriented.


CO-PLUS is not just another job-search app; they are a dynamic platform designed to match you with meaningful, skill-boosting projects that build your portfolio and launch your career.

Connect with Competent Professionals: Think of us as the LinkedIn of the future, where you can find mentors, collaborators, and industry experts who share your passion and vision.

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